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Why are sale-leasebacks trending?

As the local industrial real estate market continues to march along in what feels like zero percent vacancy, it’s actually 1.5% to 3.0% depending on which report you read and to what size range that report is geared, we are beginning to see a trend among owner-occupied buildings. Something we haven’t seen since mid-2000s, can anyone guess?
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A Slight Change in Sentiment?

First off, thank you very much for reading the Mid- Counties Industrial Quarterly Newsletter. We have been working very hard to deliver real time Local Industrial Real Estate market information and insight based on our 100+ hour per week schedule.

As we reflect on 2015 and the momentum and market share we’ve gained, we want to thank the 30 Owner, Tenants, Buyers and Sellers that we had the privilege of providing our real time real estate knowledge and honest service to in 2015. Without your trust and friendship we would not have been able to complete over $35 million dollars in sales and leasing consideration in ’15 alone. Continue reading

El Nino is Coming: Tips to Protect your Building from Damage

From the Mid-Counties Market Newsletter, Q3 2015. Download the full newsletter (PDF).


We’re local industrial real estate experts, not weather experts, so we’re going to leave the El Nino predictions to folks that know more than us. With that being said, it appears we’re headed for a stronger El Nino season than the 1997-1998 El Nino, which brought over 47” inches of rain to Los Angeles region. To put that in perspective, Los Angeles received just over 6’ inches of rain in the ’14-’15 seasons. Continue reading

Beyond the Cones of Local Expansion Projects

From the Mid-Counties Market Newsletter, Q3 2015. Download the full newsletter (PDF).

The Mid-Counties Industrial Quarterly Newsletter has sounded like a broken record for the past 4 quarters: “Limited Inventory For Sale”, “Price increasing with every deal”, Class A properties are being leased quickly and functionally obsolete buildings are sitting a bit longer! Sound Familiar?! Continue reading

“Why Don’t Owners List their Properties the Same? They Always have Extra Fees. It’s So Frustrating!”

There are many answers to that question, but it’s generally for accounting purposes. We won’t go into the details here, but what we would like to discuss are the differences between Triple Net leases NNN and Gross leases. Generally speaking, the out of pocket expense will actually be very similar, however, “The Devil Lies in the Details”. Continue reading

Where Does Your Building Fit into the Mix?


As a local market expert I often get asked by Buyers and Tenants, “What are prices going to do?” Well, if you ask 10 people that question, you will probably get 10 answers, most of them being varied. My response would be, “I have no idea”. However, I can tell you this. The market is extremely dynamic, Right Now! Continue reading