Beyond the Cones of Local Expansion Projects

Beyond the Cones of Local Expansion Projects

From the Mid-Counties Market Newsletter, Q3 2015. Download the full newsletter (PDF).

The Mid-Counties Industrial Quarterly Newsletter has sounded like a broken record for the past 4 quarters: “Limited Inventory For Sale”, “Price increasing with every deal”, Class A properties are being leased quickly and functionally obsolete buildings are sitting a bit longer! Sound Familiar?!

While we’re waiting for the Federal Reserve to decide what they’re going to do with interest rates, so we can then determine the subsequent fallout, let’s talk abut something a bit closer to home that is affecting everyone in our Mid-Counties Industrial market. Any guesses?

How about the never ending freeway expansion? Or at least, it seems to be never ending. Here’s the latest updates according to

Alondra Bridge
• Opened back up August 2014

Carmenita Rd. Interchange
• Start Date: 2011, Scheduled Completion: Summer 2016
• Upon completion the Carmenita Bridge will span 10 lanes (5 lanes in each direction) with the Northbound traffic exiting back onto Carmenita Rd. (No more speeding down Excelsior up to Spring St. over to Pumice…)
• Southbound traffic will again exit directly onto Carmenita with the ability to turn on Artic Circle & Molette St. (since it will be a thoroughfare of sorts, will they still call it a “Circle”?)

Florence Ave Interchange
• Closed April 2015, Scheduled Completion: Fall 2019

Imperial Highway & Pioneer
• Start Date 2013, Scheduled Completion: 2017

Rosecrans Ave/Bloomfield Bridge
• Start Date 2012, Scheduled Completion: Early 2017

Valley View Ave Interchange
• Start Date: 2016, Scheduled Completion: 2019

So buckle up and wait, only 4 more years to go!

While you’re sitting there in traffic waiting 20 minutes to get to the freeway, call us with questions regarding Industrial Real Estate. We are the Mid-Counties Industrial team and we’ll help you navigate your way through the market.

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