Preparation and Planning....The Keys To Success

Preparation and Planning….The Keys To Success

Most business owners and building owners believe that real estate brokers add value only when a transaction is at hand. The truth is that the level of service today’s top real estate professionals offer goes way beyond the mechanics of closing a deal. Simply put, the bar has been raised much higher than that, and the best in the business believe in delivering a full range of services that enable their clients to strategically plan for their facilities needs on an ongoing basis.

This is especially important under current market conditions. The availability of quality industrial property in the Mid-Cities area has been tightening for several years, which comes as an unwelcome surprise to those with immediate requirements. The vacancy rate has fallen below 4% and the stock of good quality product for lease and sale is at an all time low. With limited supply comes limited choice, and it is taking longer to find and secure good quality space. Thus, engaging the services of a knowledgeable area specialist to assist in that process is essential.

For most businesses, facilities cost ranks high on the list of major business expenses, often second only to payroll. So, making the most of every facilities dollar can have a profound impact on profitability. Unfortunately, many businesses wait until the need for space becomes immediate, which often results in costly mistakes.

Advance planning and careful preparation regarding real estate decisions are keys to a successful relocation to new space, for the renegotiation of a new term in existing space. Engaging the services of an experienced commercial real estate professional before the fact ensures that your business will be making its decision based on timely market information.

I have the experience, expertise, resources and knowledge to guide your business in the process of securing real estate for your use in the Mid-Cities market. I look forward to being of service.

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