Tenant Relocation Check List

Tenant Relocation Check List

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Have you been properly educated on the current market conditions by an active agent?

Would you consider purchasing if the right building were available?
If so, Have you met with a Bank for Pre-Approval?

What major factors attracted you to your current location? Price?
Functionality? Location? Amenities? Proximity to freeways, labor, pool? Proximity to supplier’s, vendors, customers?

Can you move away from these important factors?

Will your use restrict you to specific zoning with recent zone changes?

Will your use prohibit you from operating within certain cities?
If so, which and why?

What do you anticipate to be your biggest challenge in finding a new or second location?

How long do you think it will take to identify a building?

How long do you anticipate it will take to move your facility?

What is your current lease situation?

Have you budgeted for carrying both your new and current lease during the transition and marketing time?

Does that fit into your “Best scenario” timeframe? Will the move interfere with your “Busy Time” or coincide with your “Slow Time”?

Will you need to consult with other decision makers within or outside the company? Perhaps your suppliers, in terms of re-establishing needed permits?

Have you set aside a proper budget for the move?
Have you received recent quotes from your service providers?
Racking Co? Electrician? Moving Co? Are they within budget?

What is it about your last move that you liked or disliked?

Is there anything you would definitely change about your current location?

What is precipitating the need to move? Why do you need the space?
Slow organic growth? Change in business model?

Is what led to the need for additional space sustainable?
Could a temporary, second location suit you better?

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